Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Good Run and a Great Surprise

Today, I finally got to run the Aguajito Loop with The Running Jackalope (my buddy Marcus). He has been raving about this loop for a few weeks now and I have pretty much been begging him to let me know the next time he was gonna run it. I had to bail on him the last time he went due to my 32 miler I ran on a whim, so when he suggested we run it today I was all for it. It was awesome! 1200+ feet of elevation gain over the first 5 miles and then back down over the next 4.

I had only run this route once before and then I only ran the first 6 miles without the additional climb. That was early this year and I literally had to walk up every hill! The run nearly killed me! Needless to say, I have come a long way this year and it feels great. Today’s run is a testament to hard work, so I urge you to keep pushing in your training, even if you are temporarily stalled or even moving backwards. Stick with it and you will see improvement.

OK, now to the surprise. So I get home from my run and everyone is gone except for the OverThinker (my oldest son) who is playing PS3 – no surprise there. Well as I walked into the kitchen, I saw the AntiThinker’s homework on the dining room table. Now with a nickname like the AntiThinker, you can imagine my interest to check out her homework, so with some concern (and interest), I walked over. Her assignment was to read a newspaper article that her teacher had given to the class that highlighted the efforts of a Vietnam Vet who was credited with saving nearly 2700 people during the WTC attack on 9/11 (article here), and then write a paragraph either about 9/11 or another event in their life to explain how a hero solved a problem. Here is her paragraph:

To say I was touched would be an understatement. I was floored. Of all the people she has learned about in school and in life, she chose to write about me. Unbelievable. It’s amazing the things that kids do and say and today I could not be prouder of my little AntiThinker! Perhaps it’s time for a new nickname…

So two questions today (your choice):
What is your biggest fitness improvement?
What has your kid (or someone close to you) done lately to surprise you in a positive way?