Monday, November 7, 2011

Running Blogs - Part 3 - The Best Intentions

It only makes sense given the title and content of this post that it is a day late. I meant to post it on Sunday, hell I had the best of intentions, but it just didn't happen. 

When I started this blog in June I never set a schedule for how often I would post but I guess that honestly I intended to post daily, though now several months later that seems pretty ludicrous. I do think it is important to post regularly though because even while I ultimately write this blog for me, with each new visitor or follower to this site, I increasingly write for both of us (me and you).  In saying that, the obvious challenge then is to not only record my thoughts, but also to try and make sure they are relevant to others as well. 

So now that I got that out of the way, take a quick look at my posting statistics for the last 5 months:

June              21 posts = 1 post every .71 days
July               24 posts = 1 post every 1.29 days 
August          14 posts = 1 post every 2.21 days
September    10 posts = 1 post every 3 days
October          9 posts = 1 post every 3.44 days
November      3 posts = 1 post every 2.33 days… far!

Pretty telling huh? Now it is important to keep in mind that blogging is not my full time job.  I do have a few other things going on… father of 3, husband of the year (11 years running), active duty Marine, full time grad school student, injured runner, novice swimmer (water pusher actually), new spinning student, Pilates and Yoga virgin, and all around good guy. With that many different roles and blogging as a hobby, one of the fundamental questions when it comes to posting is what do you post? Recently, I had a quick twitter sidebar with Dorothy over at Mileposts about just this subject and she pointed out that ultimately, content is king. While giveaways and other promos are good to drive traffic to your site, if you do not have good content once they get to your blog it’s all for naught.

So it is with the best of intentions that I leave you with this post and a promise that no matter how often I post, I will always strive to ensure that it is full of good content.  And with that, we are back to Part 1 of this series and the original question of “why do you read running/fitness blogs?” The question/argument has come full circle, just the kind of conversation that I like.

P.S. – I started a JALR page on Google+ and you can check it out here . If you are a G+ user, let me know or add me to your circles.

P.P.S. – I won a giveaway that Tommie Copper hosted on their FB page.  I had a choice of compression sleeves (ankle, calf, knee or elbow) and a compression shirt. Though I’d eventually love to try their calf sleeves, I decided on the shirt. I’ll post a review once I get it and can try it out. Check them out on FB or Twitter and let them know that @justalittlerun sent you!